About us
The company was established in 2017.
Our team has extensive expertise in publishing of computer games, computer
programming and wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts.
Realizing that IT technologies change our world for the better we decided
to move further and implement our expertise in energy saving solutions.
Lighting control solutions
If you want to reduce expenses for electricity consumption, we can offer a complex approach of development of smart lighting control system for both private and public sectors.
Charging stations
To have an electric car is a trend but to charge it is rather a problem in developing countries. Our goal is to make charging process easier using the existing public lighting network.
Programing services
and support
If you have a particular request, our specialist will be able to adopt any solution and meet all your requirments.
Why choose us?
Official distributorship
At R2Digital, we create progress – with innovations and inspiring solutions. R2Digital specialises in understanding your requirements in order to supply, service and support our extensive product portfolio in the electronics, automation and electrical industries.
Individual approach
We thank all the customers who trust us and help us to improve every day and get better. Day after day we gain valuable experience and improve work practices, continuously improving the quality and expanding the range of services provided, ensuring confidentiality and professionalism in dealing with you.
Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart, capable tech experts. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners.
We pride ourselves on our strategic, integrated approach to enegry saving solutions and the results it delivers.
Unique equipment
R2Digital is market leading systems integrator who combines world leading products with engineering and project management services, helping deliver customised products and revolutionising automation solutions for the future.
Contact us:
+36 307 194 583
R2Digital Kft.
Headquarters: Madách utca, 2615, Csővár, Hungary